Research Interests
Antimicrobial Peptides:
Mechanism of AMP
Energetics of Pore Formation
Toroidal vs. Barrel Stave Model
Observation of Pores
Peptide Orientation Change
Membrane Thinning Effect
Concentration Dependence
Experimental Methods:
Oriented Circular Dichroism
In-plane Scattering
Diffraction Techniques
Lipid Dynamics by IXS
Anomalous Diffraction
Peptide-Lipid Interact:
Hydrophobic Matching
Membrane-mediated Protein Interactions
Elasticity Theory and Thermodynamics
Fusion and Lipids:
Bending & Lipid Demixing
Chain Volume Conservation
LPS and others
Gramicidin Problems:
Channel Poperties
Model Studies
Huey W. Huang - Sam and Helen Worden Chair Professor
Department of Physics & Astronomy - Rice University - phone: 713-348-4889 - fax: 713-348-4150
LPS and Other Lipids

Lipopolysaccharides (LPS)

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New Phases

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Structure of hexagonal phase

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Structure of distorted hexagonal phase

L. Ding, T. M. Weiss, G. Fragneto, W. Liu, L. Yang, and H. W. Huang, "Distorted hexagonal phase studied by neutron diffraction: lipid components demixed in a bent monolayer." Langmuir in press.

Diphytanoyl phasphatidylcholine

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Critical Swelling

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Headgroup size effect

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